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Easter formal

19 Mar 2007

bot in tuxedo

Pop bots!

14 Mar 2007


DELETIA: A link to an animated scene encoded in a now-obsolete multimedia file format.

From a game in Hammer's robot lab.

Easy to stay within the lines

13 Mar 2007

mermaid as bot

Sketches for a online coloring book made for Hammer.

mermaid as bot

She's mad for the mermaids.

pegasus as robot

And lately, pegasuses...pegasae...pegasi...

Poster producer

06 Nov 2006

bot standing

No laces

05 Nov 2006

bot standing

High-tar slims

04 Nov 2006

bot smoking

And this guy likes to smoke as well.

bot flying

Hyphenated mascot

27 Oct 2006

bot posing

Schedule conditioning

26 Oct 2006

bot posing

Peers on opposing channels

25 Oct 2006

bot posing

bot posing

bot posing

Rotary combustible

22 Oct 2006

bot standing