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Casually thorough

18 Feb 2008

bot carrying safe

Xeno's valentine

14 Feb 2008

bot packing

Left behind his royal life to become a mendicant

11 Feb 2008

bots walking

The Scrivener

09 Feb 2008


DELETIA: A link to an interactive story encoded in a now-obsolete multimedia file format.

We really can't say enough complimentary things about darkpony's illustrations, and we are glad that collaboration between and can finally some light again via a window in this facility. The  interactive is based on an original strip created by darkpony in Summer of 2005. Late one evening on a forum in an ill-charted latitude of the web, he started a thread that read:

"comicbook short thread.  each post is a panel. I'll try to draw them as they come in. ok, go..."

Over the next forty minutes, a steward of composed an extemporaneous story while darkpony composed a series of illustrations that are doubly-remarkable given the speed of production. The awkward interactive does not do justice to the original piece ; many liberties were taken for presentation. There is a bit of a disagreement between the collaborators about whether the words should be included or not (geedev: lose them, darkpony: leave them). The current compromise works about as well as all compromises, but we are glad to have it here in any form.

The only honest feeling I have

07 Feb 2008

bot staring at phenomenon

Entertaining the conceit

05 Feb 2008

bots walking

Fleet memory

03 Feb 2008

bot running with flower

Port completion

01 Feb 2008

did you say something

Documentarian on Mars

31 Jan 2008

bot on Mars

Titled as found

16 Apr 2007

mprev and bot

Original photo by mprev.