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Mars Spirit Rover, 2005

09 Apr 2006

Spirit rover photograph with bots

Looking at the Robot

08 Apr 2006


DELETIA: A link to an animated scene encoded in a now-obsolete multimedia file format.

Music video for "Looking at the Robot" by Orange Hat, circa 2000.

Welcome to Seattle, 1999

07 Apr 2006

Seattle postcard

robotbug 2000 re-rendered

06 Apr 2006

bug bot on shelf

2006 render of robotbug 2000.

Black Rock City 2000

05 Apr 2006

constructs on playa

Constructs on the playa, August 2000.

render of construct on playa

Black Rock City construct, design render.

All Hallow's Eve, 1999

04 Apr 2006

constructions on lawn

Halloween installation. October 1999.

The render that served as inspiration.

render of bot on workshelf

Fremont, 3 a.m.

03 Apr 2006

man and robot at fuel station

Welcome. We are glad you made it.